Thursday, September 29, 2016

Struggle and a lesson in theory of literature

Struggle is eternal.
Don't roll you eyes. Don't scoff at me. If my twenty-three years (yes that many now) on this planet have taught me anything, it is that struggle is eternal.

The knowledge for the struggle of existence is innate. For Darwin, struggle for existence was the basis of natural selection. The war of nature is a reality. I prey on you, you prey on him, he preys on her. This is not a lesson in pronouns; it's the truth.

Juxtaposed on theory of literature, this finds four forms:

A. Character versus Character
Ex. Pooja versus Sonakshi (bwhahahahahah)

B. Character versus Society
Ex. Pooja versus Middle class Morality (I am a heroine don't you know!)

C. Character versus Nature
Ex. Pooja versus Mumbai Rains (especially when she wears inappropriately expensive footwear to fieldwork)

D.Character versus Self
Ex. Pooja versus her pet demons.

There you go.