Wednesday, June 14, 2017

From Campus to Corporate

I am now a part of those who are gainfully employed. I have joined the ranks of the 9 am to 6 p crowd. I am now one of those women wearing inappropriate footwear in Mumbai rains and expensive jackets that serve vanity more than utility. I am now one of those women who talk about the targets for the year and clip clop around the office in dangerous heels. I am one of those women who lug a laptop bag everywhere and give presentations in slick meeting rooms. I am all that and hope to be more.

This transition to corporate did not feel like a shock - four fieldworks have ensured that. Rather it feels like slipping into old shoes that I had stopped wearing (why these shoe metaphors today, I wonder). 

But that does not mean I do not miss TISS campus. I crave the green lattice on damp roads, the steel tables and the smell of hot tea in the DM canteen, the rain drenched amphitheater, and the smell of cold rain on hot soil. 

But in the past weeks, I have sat through numerous talks about my new company, and slowly I am coming to terms with it - the size and the shape of it, the sounds of it and the smell of it. I am coming to realize its geography and its nature, and somewhere within me I feel the slow unfurling of presentiment. I feel my wings flutter. 

Is this what growing up is? 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Gudetama is my soulmate

Have you met Gudetama yet? He's the lazy egg.

Say hello. He probably won't say anything back, he's lazy that way so I totally understand.

He spends his time being fried, boiled, cut and made to suffer other indignities, but he always prevails and returns to spread the noble message of indolence. He clutches to a strip of bacon as a blanket, is always tired and his past-time is lying tiredly.

I totally get him.

I love him.

Thank you, Mohita for the introduction. You may now call yourself the duenna of matchmaking business.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Struggle and a lesson in theory of literature

Struggle is eternal.
Don't roll you eyes. Don't scoff at me. If my twenty-three years (yes that many now) on this planet have taught me anything, it is that struggle is eternal.

The knowledge for the struggle of existence is innate. For Darwin, struggle for existence was the basis of natural selection. The war of nature is a reality. I prey on you, you prey on him, he preys on her. This is not a lesson in pronouns; it's the truth.

Juxtaposed on theory of literature, this finds four forms:

A. Character versus Character
Ex. Pooja versus Sonakshi (bwhahahahahah)

B. Character versus Society
Ex. Pooja versus Middle class Morality (I am a heroine don't you know!)

C. Character versus Nature
Ex. Pooja versus Mumbai Rains (especially when she wears inappropriately expensive footwear to fieldwork)

D.Character versus Self
Ex. Pooja versus her pet demons.

There you go.