Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There are days

There are days like these.

There are days when life is passing you by.

Things are happening to you.
You are the froth on a raging wave, helpless and tiny,
and nothing you can do will change your course.

The only thing you do is persevere.

Life is passing you by.

You are the sidekick now.
A sidetrack, a comic relief in you own sitcom,
you don't know where the star is,
and hollow disembodied laughter
follows your every action.
You peer into the darkness.
To no avail.

Days like these, when time passes you by.

You are waiting.
Still waiting.

But the darkness is closing. You are Valdimir and Estragon
that's why you are waiting.

 But don't you know?

He's never coming. 

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