Saturday, October 12, 2013

Arbhaat short film club: 7th session

After a lukewarm 6th screening, I was looking forward to the 6th screening, hoping that the theme would be more cohesive this time.

Though there was no single theme this time, the films themselves were quite good. Some of my favourites:

Beyond the window
Israel, 2011
Chen Shumowitz

One of my favourite films so far. Yoni and Shira, two young girls, are seen kissing through the window of the family home by Yoni's mother. She is quite upset, but her turmoil is nothing compared to Yoni and Shira's trepidation. Yoni is reluctant to go home, because she is sure that her mother is going to berate her, possibly beat her. Yoni is not sure of how her mother will react, but she is sure that her mother is going to be very angry. This drives a wedge of sort between the two girls. But when Yoni does go home, her mother does not refer to the incident at all. In a tenuous silence, she serves Yoni dinner, and the two women sit side by side, their brittle smiles identical, making an effort to understand each other.

Story of the desert
UK/Spain, 2002
Celia Galan Julve

A fictional account of Rosita Guzman, who broke out of prison in 1962 and disappeared in the Mexico desert. It is like a documentary, and is very entertaining.
This film was in Spanish and I was very, very happy to discover that I could follow most of it without even glancing at the subtitles!

Bon voyage
Switzerland, 2011
Fabio Friedlei

A story of immigrants. Though humorous, it has a dark undertone. Beautiful film!

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