Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Wander Girls

My summer has not been uneventful. I have been reading books, which is like living decades in a few hours and I have been interning at a new start-up The Wander Girls. I am a content intern, so I basically write travelogues and stuff. What I like about The Wander Girls is that -

a)The name - pretty self explanatory. Girls that wander. Hah.

b)It is a women-only travel based company. They arrange trips and mixers for women. This is a part of the tourism industry that is not much developed. Women need escape from their lives every now and then. They have to get out of that kitchen and leave the washing in the machine. They shouldn't need to worry if the milk boils over or the dog pees in the middle of the drawing room. They needn't hear the litany of work related and study-related problems from their husbands and children. They need to escape from their surly bosses who are grumpy every single day for no reason. And The Wander Girls provide this opportunity.

Here is to The Wander Girls and my summer of internship.

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