Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wada pav

There is something to be said about wada-pav. It is the ultimate comfort food for me, right in the line behind pani puri and warm mugacha dali chi khichadi.The crackle of the wada, the hard, crunchy exterior of the pav, the hot steam emanating from its deep yellow interior. The dry garlic chutney and the tamarind paste, the deep fried chillies that have crystals of salt stuck to it like minuscule diamonds...

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There are very few places in Pune which prepare wada pav according to my taste. Joshi Wadewale, the erstwhile eatery famous for its wada pavs has disappointed me quite often with stone cold pavs and lukewarm wadas. No other famous joints have managed to tempt me.

Indeed, there is only one place in Pune which can make my heart sing and bring tears of joy to my eyes. The wada pav is always heavenly and wonderful. Almost always, it is hot. If not, the taste makes up for the temperature.

And that place is (drumroll, please),

Bipin Snacks

It is a tiny tapri across the road from the Karve road Kshetriya Karyalay and next to the Sahyadri Hospital. You will never find it bereft of customers.

So if you want to try out the world's best wada pav, head over to Deccan corner and you'll find yourself going back to Bipin, not only for the wada pav but also for the super awesome items on the menu, like pohey, upit, sabudana khichadi-kakdi, bhel and sandwich.

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