Friday, August 3, 2012

What Team Anna Did

Form a political Party.
Oh yeah.

Responses that were expressed in my vicinity or on the tv:
1.  **#%$^$%
2. (Congress/BJP) आता कसा सापडला गडी ! (Gotcha!)
3. me: Yay!

So I think it merits of one of my rare bursts of unhindered joy that is expressed though the abandon of a 'yay'.

The question is why.

1. We need cleaner politics. As the Prinipal of my school used to say, "Vote for a better goonda than not voting at all." Not that Team Anna is a goonda. (What sacrilege!)

2. Alternatives to the traditional candidates. (Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, MaNaSe, Rashtrawadi Congress...Yawn!)

3. Lokpal Bill (in theory)

I made maggi a few hours ago. It was overcooked and underspiced. But looking at Mr. Kejriwal's face today, it took every once of will power not to send him some. Thank god he broke the fast...India cannot do without him, not now.

(This picture was taken days ago. He looks much, much worse.)

Okay, so I can quit worrying about him wasting away on a fast. So that's that.

And yeah, I'm supporting this new political party. Because it will want to know what I have to say, more than any other political alternative did. And being of the loquacious turn, it's an opportunity that I'm going to seize.

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