Friday, August 31, 2012

Pune and all its idiosyncrasies/Birthday

So I turned 19 today. No big deal, right?

Yesterday, I was feeling extremely melanchony, moping around, and a sense of disquiet pervaded my world. I was bored, in short. I had not done the regular birthday things, you know - tons of shopping, jabbering away with friends and daydreaming about the hot guy that I'd seen in the canteen.

So anyway, I was bored. This morning, my friends publicly embarrassed me by singing Happy Birthday at the top of their voices in the canteen, that too in front of the hot guy! But it was fun. They know my obsession about bags and their gifts sent me into tizzies of pleasure.

But when I was going home, I saw an old man on a bicycle and there was something pinned to his back that made me hoot with laughter. It literally made my day and I fell in love with Pune all over again. Yeah, I know the people seem mean, sarcastic and rude. But they're also witty and funny and have an unparalled creative flair for signposts.

Oh yeah.

So what was written on that man's back? 'ऐकायला कमी येतं लक्ष द्या !'

(Can't hear well, pay attention.)

God, I love Pune!

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