Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have an almost violent love for FC. Now never forget that I am utterly loyal and committed to JPP, but FC has managed to win me over as well.
There are moments when I hate FC with the same passion, but the good things outweigh all its vices.
First off, the buildings and the campus. In a word, FC is BEAUTIFUL. There are no words for those feelings that swell up in your heart when you're sitting on the stone steps, or in Kimaya and the sky is overcast, the wind rushes through the trees and some lonely leaves drop down on your book. You look up, and the world is old, verdant and beautiful and you feel peace and contentment.

One of the best things about FC? It's filmy. It's so so so so filmy that even Bollywood may pale in in the comparison. All right, I exaggerate, but FC comes closest to those colleges that you see in the movies.

There is the same easy banter on basketball court and geeks loitering around the campus, the cliques and the rivalries. The stares from the librarian when you talk much too loudly in the reading hall. The spectacular affairs and break ups that are the talk of the campus. And most importantly, those long haired musicians strumming a guitar with a crowd swaying- get this, swaying - to the music. What more do you want?

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