Friday, August 3, 2012

5: Korean Dramas

And I'm not lying. I have watched so many Korean drams in tenth grade and after that it's hard to count.

But here are my favourite five:

1. Boys over Flowers

Four gorgeous, rich guys, one girl whose family can barely make ends meet.  The stubbornest, most arrogant guy Junpyo and the soft spoken, kind Jihu - whom will Jandi choose?

2. Matchmaker's lover

What happens when a matchmaker dates a divorce lawyer?
And what if...he happens to be the one handling her parent's divorce?

3. Worlds Within

Two strong, individualistic directors with a history clash in a battle of wills and face insurmountable odds. Will love conquer all?

4. The Iron Empress

Based on the life of the Empress Cheon Chu, the drama deals with the Empress and battles - both personal and those on the fields.

5. Cooking up romance

Set in a restuarant selling beef soup, the drama revolves around the lives of the characters who work and struggle through life to find love and happiness.

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