Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5: New Marathi Movies

This is the first of my '5' posts, which will list 5 'top' objects in the topic of the post. 

 In this case, they are the new Marathi movies. 

Marathi cinema has come of age from the turn of the century, and it is all too apparent in these 5 movies that movies that present the slice of the decade:

1. Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai

Is it any wonder that my favorite Marathi movie tops the list?

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai, starring Mukta Barve and Swapnil Joshi, is a series of twists and turns on a single day in Pune.

Love the two songs : Kadhi tu and Ka Kalena.

Best song:

Kadhi tu

2. Natrang

Atul Kulkarni is one of the most prolific actors that I have ever seen. In this movie, he takes on two diametrically opposite roles, playing the lead character in two very different stages in life and his mad passion for 'tamasha'. If not for anything else, it is a must watch for Atul Kulkarni.

Best song:

Apsara ali

3. Harishchandrachi Factory

How did cinema come to India?

This movie is the answer.

At some point, you expect the angst, but when it doesn't come, it makes you feel so satisfied and happy. A bright take on the life of Dadasaheb Phalke and the origin of the film industry in India.

Background score is truly beautiful!

 4. Deool

Director: Umesh Kulkarni

I've met him only once in my life and it was an experience in treasure. (For his reference, I was the girl in the hospitality team with her mouth open the entire time she was by his side when he came to a program in her college)

I haven't watched Vihir, but after watching this movie and Valu, I'm convinced of his prowess and genius. And he's pretty cute. Those curls and all. So, yeah.

How does a village change? What happens when devotion is lost in the clamour of commercialization? Village politics, religion and devotion mix in this rural drama.

Best song:

Deva tula shodhu kutha

 5. Pak Pak Pakaak

A village boy, Chiklu, whose presence is the synonym for trouble, his spinster friend (more of a harridan than a spinster), a mysterious presence in the nearby jungle.

Pak Pak Pakaak brings out the elements of village life and its humour. It is simply a delight.

Nana Patekar as awesome as always, the beautiful, dusky Narayani Shasti (wherever did she go?) and the child actor Saksham Mone make a superb trio in this comedy.

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