Monday, April 9, 2012

Only a week

My exams came to an end on last Monday and I let out a big whoop of joy.

There is untainted joy in eating icecream and pani puri, waching your best friend fall on her bum, and the best of all, when exams end. It's sheer relief and you can shout all you  want and nobody will utter a single word against you.

I discovered early on, that to intensify this joy, you have to study hard. There's not any other option. Because you know, you'll look up from a particularly hard chapter and see your brother in front of the TV and say to yourself in a voice worthy of all Bond villains, 'Someday, it'll be my turn.'

I console myself with thoughts of long, languid days spent lying on the floor reading one book after another, with a secret delight that my mom won't be able to shout at me for that because my exams are over! I'll stay up until three watching television and when my sister will stumble out for a glass of water, she'll only glare at me and not say a word as my exams are over!

 It's exactly been a week. I have read 3 books (The Christmas Thief, Don't Look Down, Collected works of O.Henry ) and many episodes of the usual fare (Supernatural, How I met your mother, Friends, Cougar Town, The River) and today, I'm bored.

I think I'll take a mid-morning nap (just because I can!)

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