Monday, March 12, 2012

This year's colours

Rangapanchmi just passed me by.

This year, I was one of those sad, desolate faces hanging around by the window, spying on the people playing colours in the street below. I got up as usual, and dragged my economics text book on the table, and spent ten solid minutes looking up at the sky. And then there were shouts and giggles, and of course I had to investigate the source (rather than accept the inevitable and read about Planning in India). There was a small group of people in varying shades of maroon, blue, green and yellow on the street and were shrieking with laughter as they drenched each other and threw colours.

I will not deny it. I felt a twinge of jealousy. Was it really so bad, that I was cooped up in the house on a glorious March morning, while all my friends from school and my sister were off gallivanting with their friends from college. It is understandable, really, and I do want to be all mature and grown up about it, but sometimes, I feel like an outsider.

They go on and on about something from engineering mechanics or graphics, and I sit beside them silently, counting the minutes till they exhaust the topic. And move on the physics.  The worst part is they don't seem to understand at all.

I know what I should have done on rangapanchmi. I should have filled up balloons with water and pelted them at the people on the street - there is no fun like that, is it? Afterall, everyone enjoys water balloons, especially if one doesn't have to fill them up!

But I didn't and Rangpanchmi (Dhooliwad) was spent over the economics textbook.

May this Rangpanchmi bring joy and drama to your life (not the heartbreaking, 3-times-close-up-wala, but the drama of real life like surprises and delights)!

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  1. I apologise, on my behalf, at least :) Next year, or next summer, shall I say, we will have a rangpanchami just for the two of us(or those who have not been able to play)
    As for the engineering gossip, I don't understand that either, yet! I will give you company when I am there to escape the boringness that is engineering ;)

    And now I've realised this sounds sappy. whatever.