Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Okay, so.

Okay, so Romance.

It's such a quintessential topic, isn't it? I mean, every time you turn your back and - whoa! there is a guy and a girl (or a homosexual pairing, doesn't matter) falling in love, or in the honeymoon stage, maybe breaking up and moping around - only to fall in love again.

It isn't only about 'romance' though. I'll rephrase it as 'love'.

Popular culture revolves around love - off the top of your head, mention a book or a movie that is famous and does not have a romantic element. Sure, there are such films and books, but the majority has a romantic tinge to it. A friend of mine said, 'Popular culture is about blindly aping the stereotypes without validating the truth'. He's not entirely wrong. But pray, tell me, what are stereotypes but characteristic commonalities that have been emphasized? Hence popular culture, though stereotypical strikes a chord within each of us - because it has a basis in reality.

So when I decided to sit down and think of how many times I think of 'love' (maternal, fraternal and as such, and the hardcore 'love') I was stumped to find that the subject was more frequent in my thoughts! I think of love in movies that I have seen or want to see, in books that I have read, or are on my reading list, and the my friends, and not-really-friends, and the people that I know. And lastly, the guys that I crush on. (Ah well, it's not 'love' per say, just attraction but...well.)

People say that love can conquer the world.

I don't agree.

But I think that it definitely helps.

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