Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back at my games

It has been more than a year since I updated this blog. I had forgotten about it quite happily, as I chased my imagination through the realms of fiction and reality, when my friend Disha reminded me about it.

What is it like, returning to a thing you know you loved, held sepia toned memories of close to your heart? It may not exactly be what you had imagined and glossed, put up on a pedestal due to the absence. It may have changed, you may have changed.

I used to love the feel of colours on my notebook. Every hue, every stroke mirrored my thoughts and became an amalgam of colour and me, spread out on a paper for all to discern.
I no longer experience the same, when I hold a brush in my hands.

Passion is the fuel of life, for me, and the reason of motivation and excellence. Though I try and fail in many things, I fervently hope for this passion. It makes me observe the world, not see, though ignorance too often blinds me.

To Disha, for reminding, there was one in the first place,