Monday, October 10, 2016

Gudetama is my soulmate

Have you met Gudetama yet? He's the lazy egg.

Say hello. He probably won't say anything back, he's lazy that way so I totally understand.

He spends his time being fried, boiled, cut and made to suffer other indignities, but he always prevails and returns to spread the noble message of indolence. He clutches to a strip of bacon as a blanket, is always tired and his past-time is lying tiredly.

I totally get him.

I love him.

Thank you, Mohita for the introduction. You may now call yourself the duenna of matchmaking business.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Struggle and a lesson in theory of literature

Struggle is eternal.
Don't roll you eyes. Don't scoff at me. If my twenty-three years (yes that many now) on this planet have taught me anything, it is that struggle is eternal.

The knowledge for the struggle of existence is innate. For Darwin, struggle for existence was the basis of natural selection. The war of nature is a reality. I prey on you, you prey on him, he preys on her. This is not a lesson in pronouns; it's the truth.

Juxtaposed on theory of literature, this finds four forms:

A. Character versus Character
Ex. Pooja versus Sonakshi (bwhahahahahah)

B. Character versus Society
Ex. Pooja versus Middle class Morality (I am a heroine don't you know!)

C. Character versus Nature
Ex. Pooja versus Mumbai Rains (especially when she wears inappropriately expensive footwear to fieldwork)

D.Character versus Self
Ex. Pooja versus her pet demons.

There you go.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Unilever Diaries

A bead of sweat rolls down my forehead, even as the AC is running at full blast. My legs throb with a dull pain - I have been standing for four hours now. A lady in red approaches me - she sees me smile, she sees the glint in my eyes, and she tries to side step me, but it's too late, I'm already in the fray.

"Hello, good afternoon! Would you like to taste Lipton Ice Tea?"

She gives in. After a small spiel, and a five minute discussion about Mumbai weather, she is on her way with two packs of Lipton Ice Tea in her cart, and I am closer to my goal of the day.

This is Modern Trade Blitzkrieg, and like me, there are several interns, and managers in the market, working side by side with the field forces that drive the monolith that is HUL.

 I am almost at the end of my two month stint in Hindustan Unilever. My days might seem to follow the same set pattern - hurried breakfast at the 'Wadala Sheraton' (an affectionate, slightly derisive nickname for the guesthouse we have been staying at - okay I lied, it's mostly derisive), a cab ride with three other interns which generally helps me understand what's spinning on the rumour mill, opening the laptop and getting into the mountain of work that seems to have piled up almost overnight, chasing managers in the company for one-on-ones, frantic coffee breaks with other interns to solve mini existential crises, and at the end of the day, a ride back to Wadala which is generally quiet and reflective as we marvel at the miracle - we have survived yet another day. However, each day I have spent in these two months has also been markedly different from the rest.

It is challenging. One of the first things I realised in my first week at Hindustan Unilever was that this internship would challenge me every step of the way. I have pushed myself beyond what I thought my capabilities were - I have stumbled, I have fallen apart along the way, but I have also picked up the pieces and moved on. This, I think, is the biggest learning I will be taking out of this place. This place has truly taught me the adage - it is not how many times you fall, but how many times you pick yourself up.

It is rewarding. All internships, I believe, make you question your existence. They make you feel that you have fallen short, that you are somehow something less, and at the end of the two months, they make you feel that all the while, you were something more but you just didn't know it yet. How can that not manage to have a lasting impact on your being?

It is transforming. I can honestly say I am not the same person I was when I first walked through the glass doors of this office. Some mornings I have cocooned myself in a large blanket and watched television till my eyes hurt. Some nights, I have worked till the purple dawn broke and the room filled with light. I have made friends. I have rediscovered old friends. I have memories. What more can I want?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March madness

March drives me crazy.

I've written about it before. (

And yet the specter of March continues to haunt me. How can it not, though? The sky above makes me want to be a cloud, and the soft wind of the night brings with it a pleasurable chill.

But here am I, reading one research paper after another, waiting for the exams. Curse of the student life strikes again. Another March gone. I still feel that restlessness in my soul, the hunger that very few things in the world can quench.

As this month will recede into the next, I'll be looking forward to something else. My internship.

Maybe March is just a harbinger. That's why it brings out that madness in us. It's everywhere - in the water, in the air. Say, can't you just smell the anticipation?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There are days

There are days like these.

There are days when life is passing you by.

Things are happening to you.
You are the froth on a raging wave, helpless and tiny,
and nothing you can do will change your course.

The only thing you do is persevere.

Life is passing you by.

You are the sidekick now.
A sidetrack, a comic relief in you own sitcom,
you don't know where the star is,
and hollow disembodied laughter
follows your every action.
You peer into the darkness.
To no avail.

Days like these, when time passes you by.

You are waiting.
Still waiting.

But the darkness is closing. You are Valdimir and Estragon
that's why you are waiting.

 But don't you know?

He's never coming.